Welldene Dental Surgery treat NHS and private patients in Canterbury Road, Ashford. They provide services for Eastern and Coastal Kent PCT. They are not currently accepting new NHS patients but this may change in the future, and private patients may still register with them.

The three dentists at Welldene Dental Surgeries are: Owen Henry Shillington Darling, Taha Heidari and Muneer Patel. All three dentists are male, and Doctor Patel speaks Gujarati as well as English. Dental nurses also work at the practice, and the services of a dental hygienist are available there too. Internet reviews of the practice are excellent, with customers praising the practice’s treatment of children.

The staff at Welldene Dental Surgeries provide a full range of preventative and restorative dental services for adults and for children. An initial consultation or regular check up will determine if there are any problems which need to be addressed, and a programme of treatment will then be arranged in consultation with the patient. An explanation of procedures and costs will be given before treatment is agreed. Children are treated particularly gently to keep them as relaxed and at ease as possible.

As with other dental practices, Welldene Dental Surgeries encourage preventative measures to avoid the need for restorative dentistry. This involves education and regular check ups as well as the services provided by the dental hygienist, including cleaning, polishing, tartar removal, fluoride treatment and fissure sealants.

Restorative dentistry is the term used to cover procedures used to repair or replace damaged or lost teeth and this can cover a range of treatments. It doesn’t matter whether the loss or damage is due to decay, injury or other reasons – all circumstances come under the term restorative dentistry. Treatments can include relatively minor treatments such as fillings (metal or tooth coloured), crowns, bridges, or even dentures and implants in more extreme cases.

Sometimes there is a need for an orthodontics service. This is the branch of dentistry that covers moving teeth which are in the wrong position or are not well aligned. Orthodontics usually requires a brace and although some treatments are available at Welldene Dental Surgeries, sometimes a patient will need to be referred to an orthodontic practitioner outside the surgery.

The Welldene Dental Surgery can, under certain circumstances, carry out what is called a domiciliary service. This is where dental care is carried out wherever a patient is resident if they are unable to visit the surgery due to being housebound or disabled. This service may be limited and further details may be obtained from the surgery.

Welldene Dental Surgeries are conveniently located, served by public transport, and parking is available. Access for wheelchair users is also available at the practice.

The opening hours for Welldene Dental Surgeres are:

Monday to Friday     09:00 – 13:00            14:00 – 18:00

The practice is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays. The surgery does not provide urgent access slots.

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